Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 2

Marriages are meaningless because of Widowing.

Porma naps pretty often when he isn’t being a surrogate lover for his limo clients. Iteni shares her bed and home with him, among other things.

Presented in the format of a screenplay, Splattering Yet Endearing is an adult romantic drama series with sci-fi, thriller and other elements. If you like a deep, intimate story with visceral action in and out of bed, you’ll love reading Philip Yang’s vivid series.

Read Splattering Yet Endearing to meet the distinctive characters, and join their rich story.

With nuance and enhanced detail, Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 2 promises to be an enriching, engrossing and expansive experience as Porma travels to new locations and learns more about his surroundings.

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