Splattering Yet Endearing is a romance drama fiction series about Porma’s quest for Iteni, his roommate, as he starts his new life in Maine. Widowing, a fatal disease affecting couples, starts to grow in the US and the world at the same time…

Fact Sheet

Splattering Yet Endearing Description

Widowing is a fatal disease, targeting and killing one person in every impacted couple. No treatments exist, or a solution, or survivors. Some think if Widowing targets one gender…intentionally.

Porma needs to move in with someone. Iteni, his high school crush, allows him to move in with her. He’s stoked to get to be with her. So what if no one know how to spot Widowing? Porma can possibly get with Iteni! He has multiple odd jobs to do too, as he seeks romance and adventure at his new Maine home.

Iteni’s been biting herself though. In the bathroom, leaving teeth marks on her skin. She wants to talk about her hand marks, and get help.


  • A deep story with rich, plentiful detail.
  • Set in an intimate, vivid, modern Maine suburbia, and a fully realized home during the fall and winter.
  • Visceral romance and action with a first person perspective.
  • Compelling, distinctive, deep main characters with clothing detail and complex growth.
  • Social commentary and exploration of themes such as romantic love, human relationships, spirituality and gender relations in an epic setting with social movements.

Demographic Appeal

  • My Ideal Reader
    • My ideal reader is a younger Millennial or older Gen Z person between 18 and 30 years old, who enjoys a rich, dense story that they can really get into.
    • The reader is likely more of an introvert, and a thinker. Someone who wonders about things in life and is curious to learn about the world, culture and some history. Someone who is interested in other people, who are unlike themselves.
    • This reader likely lives in the US.
    • The reader is likely interested in fantasy, documentaries, video games, nature and philosophy or meditation.
    • The reader is more likely female than not, due to the genre, but males will ideally equally enjoy the series.
    • The reader is probably not strongly religious.
  • Primary Target: Young Men (18 to 30)
    • Intimate Perspective: A modern story with meaning, centered around a male protagonist.
    • Action RPG Based Combat: Fast, dynamic, first person action buildup with varied combat styles and multiple weapons, including hand-to-hand and traditional ranged combat.
    • Hefty, Extensive Action: Lengthy, violent, unforgiving fighting scenes that are built up to, with tough challenges and complex objectives, driven by deeply personal goals.
    • Intense Stakes: Fluid, contextual, dynamic tension during select scenes.
    • Passionate, Body-On-Body Romance: Intimate, physically descriptive, action-oriented lovemaking scenes.
  • Primary Target: Young Women (18 to 30)
    • Touching Character Development: Detailed, memorable interactions and powerful character growth in a complete home setting.
    • Dense Romance: Direct, fleshed out romance with character-driven heart, intention and desires.
    • Philosophy of Love: Extensive exploration of romantic love and gender differences.
    • Powerful Feelings: Emotionally rich scenes with an emotionally driven story.
    • High Character Detail: Individualized character wardrobes with in-world clothing brands and multiple city buildings that are explored.
  • Secondary Target: Older Audiences (30 to 50)
    • A Meaningful Story: Deep, thoughtful philosophy on various social topics.
    • Deep Characters, Expansive Setting: A vast world with highly developed, passionate characters and distinctive personas.
    • Detailed And Progressive: Steeped in realism, a story with attention to detail and innovative scenes.
    • Character-Driven Engagement: Immersive, human, personal interactions about highly intimate topics, in highly intimate settings.

Splattering Yet Endearing History

Splattering Yet Endearing was born as an ambitious post high school project in Massachusetts in summer 2012, before his trip to start college at Stetson University, in Florida. Philip was drawn to create a large, complex story after finishing his other short stories by that summer. The basis for the story was a romantic story involving a special, female vampire, grounded with realism and vast detail. Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1 slowly released on Wattpad, starting in late 2020.

About The Author

Philip Yang is an independent fiction author, currently residing in Florida. He manages all of the writing, editing, marketing and online presence of Splattering Yet Endearing. He is currently producing Splattering Yet Endearing, his first publishable work.

As you can tell, he is crazy about blonde chicks. He enjoys watching documentaries, listening to tons of music and watching YouTube in his spare time.

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