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A Sneak Peak of Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 2-

I switch over to the CDs section and mindlessly walk through the CD aisles, scanning random, popular CDs for sale. All the classics, MJ, Bowing Bowies, Tommy Bennett, The FrontAvenue Men—just, the best songs. But $10 a disc is too much for me. Almost everyone in the store is now looking at one direction, towards the entrance. The ones who stare are all standing still, maybe 70% of them are men my age. Peering through the large window just to the right of the entrance is Iteni, looking squarely and cozily at me. My jaw drops a little as she walks inside the store, triggering—beep-beep. I briefly look around the store and spot some large, rectangular anime character posters with white backgrounds. Looking back at the front of the store, Iteni is standing just inside the entrance, in its middle, with a sly and cool glance at me as shoppers maneuver around her to check out and leave the store. I continue to scan and browse, walking to the beginning of the tall back aisles. Footsteps thump behind me. I look down automatically, standing and facing very close to an aisle. My face is swirling with heat, almost shivering.

Iteni: Hey! FOUND you! with a little stern punishment in her tone.

Y-y-yes, you did. How the f—

Did you look at the horror section too much?

No, I didn’t see any horror DVDs at all here, actually.

Hmph. Well—she twirls a little and twists her back, looking at some of the memorabilia for sale behind her. 

Porma: Where’s your bag?

Iteni: Oh, I put it in the car.

Oh, nice.

Yeah. smoothly and sweetly.