Mission Statement and Quality Goals

I have multiple goals related to writing and finishing Splattering Yet Endearing. The goals I have, and therefore the mission statement, changes over time. But here are some of the things I intend to accomplish with Splattering Yet Endearing.

The goal of 9, Splattering Yet Endearing, is to tell a very deep story with deep characters. The detail is supposed to be realistic or true to life and relatable in terms of feeling, sensation and accuracy. The feelings feel right, the timing is realistic, etc.

It is a grand, epic story told from Porma’s perspective. Overall, again, the story should be rich, deep, complex, thoughtful and intellectual. There should be great themes that are explored deeply, compelling emotion, worthwhile characters and excellent detail (just overall high quality).

The story showcases my opinions on love and romantic relationships. The story is about the themes, about the characters and about the story itself aka the plot. The story should surprise the audience and move them as the vibrant, deep, emotional, thoughtful content makes up the overall quality of story.

For quality, it should be high quality, consistent, detailed. But on top of this, the content should be diverse while still being vivid and immersive. In whole, it will be innovative compared to other stories.

Iteni and Porma are great characters. Iteni is my attempt to greatly improve the female character in general in fiction, so a lot of the story focus is on her character and making her a quality character. The action is great and the drama/talking/non-action scenes are equally great. 

Abbreviated Summary of the Mission Statement

Some Key Words:

  • deep
  • realistic [realistic timing and others]
  • emotional [compelling emotion]
  • vivid [feeling, sensation, accuracy] [vibrant] [immersive]
  • epic
  • love
  • rich
  • complex
  • thoughtful [intellectual] [detailed]
  • detailed [excellent detail] [quality]
  • consistent [stable quality]
  • high quality [realistic]

In addition, the project as a whole is accomplished with a “nexus-hub” strategy where a lot of the non-writing work is accomplished using broad and diverse talent. In other words, the project work is done by numerous people of varying backgrounds, all connected back to the hub of the project, which is me. This is more obvious when you take a look at the Credits section.