Fiverr Profile

Hi All.

My Fiverr profile is called porma9. I am more or less someone who really likes to write fiction…anyone who I have bought from can tell you that. I run a small WordPress blog called Phil Tells Stories which houses my writing advice blog posts and all of my content for my fiction series that I am working on.

I offer multiple Gigs on Fiverr, mainly revolving around writing.

Writing Gigs

For authors, I can beta read your writing to provide useful feedback, since I am an aspiring author myself.

I can also ghostwrite whole stories or novels too.

If you have already written something and just need some polishing, proofreading or editing, I can help with that too.

If you run a website or blog, I can write blog posts and articles for you, any written content really.

Misc Gigs

I like songwriting or writing lyrics. I can write rhyming lines or just regular poetic lines.

If you are a real estate agent, I can write concise and vivid real estate listing descriptions for your property.

I offer tutoring or lessons in English, writing, math (up to Calculus I) and basic accounting classes. I love writing, and my college degree is in accounting.