Splattering Yet Endearing is written by Philip Yang.


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  • A general thanks to beta readers I found on Facebook and Goodreads.
  • Matt Dunne.
  • Michaela Mudde.
  • Tamara Zarewsky.
  • asellman.
  • Vickie Ito.
  • Evan Kamau.
  • Ugochukwu Harbor.
  • Andrea Castro.
  • Kelsey Gay.
  • Natalia Ramirez.
  • Anbu.
  • Brent Hugh.
  • M. T Mughal, Pakistan.
  • Expert Reader.
  • Sam Garcia.
  • Robert M.
  • Princevisuals.
  • Jennifer.

Gender Composition: 54% male, 43% female, 3% they.

Countries include: Mexico, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Venezuela, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Pakistan, Algeria, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Honduras, Wales (United Kingdom), Italy, Ukraine.

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