Beta Reading Service


I am offering my beta reading services at a base rate of $10 per 5,000 words.

Bundle Rates:

  • $15 for 10k words
  • $30 for 25k words
  • $100 for 85k words

Why should you pick me?
I can provide you with a detailed review of your work, including light editing comments, checking for flow, consistency, characters and general enjoyment of the story. I am meticulous with my own writing and care about quality. I will bring that same angle to your work.

My emphasis is checking the details and maintaining general high quality and technical quality.

I specialize in fiction. Adult novels, YA, thriller, drama, romance, adventure etc. I can also read poetry.

I am not the best fit for children’s books.

I can read nonfiction, but I cannot verify facts or research on the non fiction topic.

If you have questions about my service, you can email me at

Client Reviews

Philip Yang’s eagle eye found several typos in my manuscript when I though all such errors had been eliminated. (sci fi novel)

Alex Austin

I express my sincerest gratitude for your review. I also acknowledge the effort and time you have spent reviewing my writing. You have expressed your honest opinion. 
However, you have provided a general opinion without addressing the mood, tone and the feel of the poems, leaving out the artistic evaluation of the poetry imagery. Now everyone has their own style of expression. 
Nevertheless thank you for your kind evaluation and you have done the job for free. (poetry)

Piyali Mitra

I’m so thankful of Phil!

He pointed out the story’s serious issues in an honest way and provided insightful feedback which was useful for my work. (historical fiction novella)

Elena Alla