10 Days Away: The Road to Publishing

Self publishing a book is only something someone does if they really love writing.

Did I say that in the last post? I can’t even remember…

Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1 is in the hands of a bunch of ARC readers right now. I wish I had a few more, from Booksprout, but oh well. Plenty to do in the meanwhile. Plenty, plenty.

Every free hour I am working on something related to publishing. I spent an hour tinkering today with headers and footers in Word. I spent two hours last night fiddling with the Kindle Print Previewer and eliminating errors in the manuscript and cover.

This publishing process has swallowed nearly all of my personal life, which is fine, just unexpected. I am guessing that this will all be faster when I do it for the second, third book, etc.

This whole month, from Aug 24-Sept 24, I have been booked, nearly wall to wall, doing publishing related tasks. It’s almost too stressful, but I want to give the launch the best shot I can. I also know why some authors call their books their babies.

I have not worked as intensely on my writing until these past few weeks. So so much to do. Traditional publishers do a lot of work for authors…publishing isn’t a one day task.

I just have to hope this is all worth it, for my fiction series.

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