Editing and Editing

Somehow, I got it in my head that I could get Part 1 ready to publish by mid September. That was until I started my final proofreading.

Even though I’ve edited Part 1 probably 5 times by now, it takes me about an hour to go through 10 pages…so at 240 pages…my idea of finishing this in one weekend was totally out of whack. So, the ARC version got pushed back from being finished yesterday to being finished this weekend, if I hurry like hell.

The thing is, editing requires slowing down. I can’t think of a way to fast edit…I wish I knew how, lol.

I can already tell how much the polishing is enhancing Part 1 though, which is good. In the meanwhile, I am getting the Part 1 print cover finalized and am getting Amazon A+ content ready soon for Part 1. Now I know, the final proofread takes 2-3 weeks……..not 2 days. Editing is far slower than just reading. I can read 240 pages in about 9 hours. Editing isn’t the same.

I didn’t realize that publishing in of itself is a whole month worth of work, launching a book. I dunno how the pros do it. They probably have a team or members dedicated to the publishing process, lol.

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