One Month Away From Publishing

Publishing is really a 3 or 6 month effort, not just one month. Anyways, I have been consuming publishing blog posts and content every day for the past week, in all of my free time. My list of to do tasks to get from my manuscript to full launch is 20 distinctive items, in a particular order.

For now, I am focusing on rereading Part 1 one last time before finalizing it and sending it to ARC readers and readying it for its print version and for online distribution.

I got ISBNs for the book and subsequent ones. Speaking of print version, the print cover (Front, back and spine) is getting worked on now.

Now I know what review blogs are all about and what bookish means…that’s nice.

Launch day is more like launch week, since not every critical step will be ready on Day One. Some reviewers or distributors or promos won’t be ready until after Day One, which isn’t so bad I guess, though it just means the launch tasks are done over the course of a week, not just one day.

I have to rush to get the print cover ready, make the ISBNs ready and make the ARC version ready, since ARC readers need an ARC copy to get started. Publishing is an intense, one month campaign. Thrilling I guess, and certainly time consuming. Very time consuming.


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