Planning to Publish My Series

Hi all.

I had a nice time away from work and daily life. During my time away and particularly at the end of my trip, I have realized my “come to Jesus” moment as one of my friends describes it. (I am not religious.)

I have been sitting and sitting on my series, specifically 5 fully written novels. I have reworked their covers and the content extensively.

I just want to be happier with my day to day life. As such, I want to kick the series’s babies out of the nest as they say, and see how they do. I have waited for months.

What does any of this mean? Well, I will be pausing Part 6 writing temporarily, trying to get reviews or ARC reviews or whatever they are ready and get the last book cover redesigns ready for Parts 1 through 5 to be ready for legit release on at least Amazon. I am not obsessed with the idea of Kindle Unlimited exclusivity right now, but I am sort of flying in blind anyways so we will see.

As such, I anticipate and hope to release the series formally and officially on Amazon within the next 3 weeks. I am inadvertently waiting on some beta reader feedback, then I will go back and rewrite or totally recheck all of Part 1 again to bring it on par with the quality of the other Parts in the series. The lag of waiting on the beta readers, who I have no intention of rushing, plus going back to rewrite Part 1 and maybe getting one last new reader to check the rewritten Part 1 are why it will take a while.

Plus, getting reviews in line, honest ones of course, which I have never obtained before anyways, will take time too!

Bottom line, I will be releasing Splattering Yet Endearing, Parts 1 and maybe 2, in a few weeks, on Amazon. If these 5 Parts aren’t enough to appease binge readers…10 of them wouldn’t either, lol. I am not sure if I would have much better results waiting another 3 or 6 or 12 months to formally release Part 1.

Do I have practical writing advice in terms of self publishing an ebook on Amazon? Frankly, this is my first time. However, I have found using beta readers to be super helpful. Getting my book covers redesigned was unexpected but so far a worthwhile experience too. As far as I know, publishing on Amazon Kindle isn’t hard, but the trickier part is getting readers to pounce on actually reading the book and attracting them with the book cover.

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