Slower Progress/New Beginnings

I just got new shirts today with 2 of my new covers on them!

Besides that, I have had other matters to attend to, non writing stuff, that has slowed down my Part 6 writing this week. I intend to do some writing today, but I will be taking a general break soon.

The beta readers seem to enjoy the series, phew. Not all of them like Part 1, those that do not depart after that Part. That is why I will be rewriting Part 1 later this month or next month. I also need to actually release the series to make any of these blog posts make any sense…to the reader. Something like releasing it later this year or next year may make sense…but I have no hype built up for it yet so IDK when is the right time to launch it, since first impressions matter.

The Part 6 cover should be done at the end of this month. I might use it for the Part 7 cover. IDK if readers want to read a 140k book, even if it is in the middle of my series. It will be an anime style cover, which is exciting!

I still peruse the Fiction Writing facebook group, to look for good advice and to remain in that writing mentality.

Man, writing is really a task designed for introverts, isn’t it?

The Part 1 redesigned cover is nearly done. I think it looks better than the old one…hopefully readers like it lol.

I should post about something NOT about my writing next time.


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