Covers and Stuff

After getting roasted by Facebook about a month ago, I have come back with some redone covers!

Still working on Part 6 of Splattering Yet Endearing. I am considering making it a mega long Part, like maybe 140k words? Dunno. Too long might turn off readers. We will see!

The Part 1 cover is also getting redone. I am leaving the Part 5 cover alone for now, and I am slowly working on the Part 6 cover with someone.

I need to think of when I can publish this stuff and try to make some money. However, I need good enough content and a good stock of content to avoid reader dissatisfaction and reader attrition of the series. Not everyone will like it and I will be lucky if I can retain most of them from book to book. Anyways, I will try.

Writing Part 6 is keeping me plenty busy. Oh, and I am getting 2 new shirts done, for those 2 new covers! I will post them later.


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