Learning New Things: Writing Update

Hi all.

I have been learning recently about the male gaze, the female gaze and the Power Rangers.

I used to love the Power Rangers as a kid, but naturally grew out of it when I became a teen and an adult. However, the show is unique since it is so popular. It also has a compelling cast of characters, and interesting villains! I have been rewatching some clips and fondly remembering the wacky and sort of basic action and plot of the different Ranger teams.

I am also trying to balance between the male gaze and the female gaze in Part 6 of Splattering Yet Endearing. The POV is from Porma so…. only so much I can do there. Still, learning about the female gaze is interesting. There isn’t a lot out there on it, so it is a bit of a struggle, but I am trying anyways, to refine the story’s POV and how the characters interact and are portrayed.

I am still working on book cover redesigns. That and beta reading will keep me busy for the next few months.

I will also go back and rewrite or rework Part 1 completely, to elevate it from a quality level. I have changed a lot from just 4 years ago or 3 years ago!

I am also having some fun now with browsing the “Fiction Writing” Facebook group. It is great for readers, and writers!

I need to do better at marketing, so this doesn’t flop when I release the series.

Amid this wacky world and this wacky economy, I hope you are well.


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