Working on Part 6 and Covers: Writing Update

So, I got a bunch of feedback on a Facebook group on my books’ covers. Basically, they suck, lol.

I am probably going to have to redo my first 4 book covers. This one above is from Part 2. I like the redesign. To me it looks slick, but I am still evaluating it, using feedback from the group. I am learning a lot, but man, this isn’t easy! Hahaha.

Besides that, Part 6 is going along well. I am quite excited for Part 6, because of its content. Just gonna work on it and churn it out in 3-4 months, like the last one. I say 3-4 because I have another vacation coming up and I won’t write during my vacation.

My beta readers were surprisingly excited to read Part 5, more than I thought. Between getting roasted on Facebook and handling my beta readers…. hahahaha.

I originally wanted to spread out the beta readers, so I can show some of them improved versions, but I ended up hiring like, 5 on the onset, so oh well. The excitement is promising I guess?

I thought the music I got for the series was going to be more interesting for at least the beta readers, but that isn’t true so far. I will probably have to solely focus on beta readings and cover redesigns for the next few months. Music is fun, but basically, only I listen to it, so it has more of a secondary importance.

Part 6 is fairly complex compared to prior Parts…so it really will test my ability to write smooth, compelling scenes. Doing the covers again will be interesting. Challenging, but better to know now than after I release it for the general public.

Oh yeah, I am reading a fiction book! I really like it so far! “The Power” by Naomi Alderman. Good stuff. I honestly rarely find a fiction book I really sink myself into, which is painfully ironic LOL.


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