New Frontiers: Writing Update

Hi all.

I am nearly done with Part 5. I will be finished and sending it to beta readers on June 25th.

People seem to love YouTube animated stories a lot, don’t they? Because of this, I am looking into getting some simple animation or motion added to my book covers. Who knows…maybe I will make some basic 2D narrated YouTube videos of my story, 10 minutes a piece or whatever.

Speaking of covers, I am getting one properly formatted right now. I know readers are picky about covers…so I am careful for this particular step.

Apparently most good authors only talk about their book 20% of the time. I have to work on that, haha.

Part 5 is…96% done. Just want to give it a good ending or finish and also polish it so it can be reviewed and added to the stack of books.

If you have any blog ideas or topics you want to see or read, let me know.


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