Writing Update: Back From Vacation

Hi all.

I took a break for basically 2 weeks from writing and my job. I had a great time seeing family and doing things outside.

In terms of writing, I really did almost nothing. I did receive some beta reader feedback, which I will go over tonight and maybe tomorrow. Mostly I just have to get back on track with regular writing by Saturday and I have to still finish the Emotion Thesaurus. So, yeah.

I feel quite refreshed and changed from my trip. I really think now that all the sitting I did before was a big trigger for my health issue that I still have to resolve.

There is value to spending time outside and spending time with people. Yeah.

Well, I have to get back to some chores and implementing the beta reader feedback that came in during my trip. I also have to, actually write more content and finish Part 5, making it better than all the Parts before it!

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