Writing Update: Interruptions and New Things

Hi all.

My writing was still slow the last week (under 1000 words a day) as I did a bunch of YouTube-trained physical therapy and tried to accommodate my body more than I normally did.

I took it more chill the past weekend and deviated away from writing and editing to take notes from a Pixar Khan Academy course. I also took notes from the Emotion Thesaurus. I’m like, 20% of the way through the book so far.

That being said, I will be skipping the next 2 or 3 weeks of my weekly blog posts. Not because of my body but because of other things I have to do. I won’t be writing during then anyways, so not much to say in terms of blogging for that time anyways.

This will slow down the completion of Part 5, but I will still finish it in June. I have 60k words done, so only another 25k or 25 days of writing to finishing it!!!

I am still working on some music and getting some beta reader feedback, too.

Writing wise, I did do some maintenance and overhaul of my Evernote or my database of notes. I have a little over 200 notes related to the story! So, I tried to do some spring cleaning there and tighten the focus of all those notes and try to delete or combine some of the notes.

I also watched Blade Runner 2049, which I thought was a good movie, though the plot was a little hard to follow. To be fair, I wasn’t paying the best attention the first 30-45 minutes of the story. Whoops!

My YouTube views went back down, despite making Shorts. I did start up a TikTok account. We will see if I commit to that as a weekly thing or not. It is in my trial run right now.

Have a good few weeks!

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