How I Approach Writing, Attitude Wise

Writing can be complex.

In my opinion, many writers overcomplicate the writing process. I do too, but I have been learning from my mistakes.

There is so much hesitation and perfectionism in writing. The reality is grammar rules change from century to century, so nothing written is really perfect. Readers are subjective too.

My attitude now is to just put in the word count, and do the writing. Of course, edit too later on, but once you have the basics of writing down, it becomes about how much you write or practice from then on. Any excuse or reason to not write just delays or slows down this process.

I’m not saying to write 8 hours straight a day, but I am saying that to freely embrace writing and all the flaws that will be made during the first drafts, is important.

Getting caught up in rereading something 10 times, or taking an hour to write one page…really…unless it is research or a mechanical blueprint, most readers won’t notice tiny details. If you hit the big targets, that’s all that matters to many readers. If you want to spend extra time to make something perfect, sure, but for me, I trust in my quality. I also believe, “something is better than nothing”.

I do WANT perfect or high quality writing, but I won’t paralyze myself with long revisions either.

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