How To Stay Accountable When Writing

Hi all.

This is a bit of a regurgitation of my posts from the past month or two, but here I will explain how to stay accountable while you write.

  1. Track the number of words you write each day: Tracking time is nice, but honestly, writing output is ultimately determined by the number of words one churns out. I use a note to document my total words for my fiction writing Part, daily.
  2. Allocate sufficient time to get your daily word goal done each day, including breaks and random life incidences: For example, I take 4 hours to do 2,000 words. So I need at least 4 hours or preferably 4.5 hours whenever I want to get 2k words done. If you can do more on Mondays, maybe plan more hours then. If you want a break day, just schedule extra work on another day, things like that.
  3. Check in on word count periodically: I personally check every 30 or 60 minutes to see if I am doing at least 500 words each hour, and see if I am ahead or behind for my goal.

I know this sounds a bit boring or bland, but this all enables faster and more consistent writing production. 1k words a day means 30k words a month which means a full book or 90k words in 3 months. That’s pretty fast, even for professional authors!

It may actually end up being 4 or 5 months between books, to account for editing and life-happens circumstances. Still, this can be a helpful framework or system to follow. It’s all about measuring and monitoring.

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