Writing Update: Part 5 Starts

I need to do more writing advice posts. Anyways.

I have started working on Part 5. I know more or less I care the most about my books or series, so, that’s the way it is. *smirks/smiles*

I am doing 1,000 words a day. It is nice. Making progress, but leaving wiggle room for more quality, more research, more free time and more of a life.

The Part 5 book cover is on the way. I am quite excited for it!

Beta readers are reading Part 4. I really hope they enjoy it, since it takes into account the majority of all of their feedback on prior Parts.

As you, the blog reader, if there is something you want me to post about, just let me know!

In the meanwhile, I will be working, steadily writing, working on making Part 5 even better etc.

I am wondering if I should go back and rewrite Part 1 as well…

As you can tell, a lot going on all at once. Oh! And I am getting one new song done right now. I prob need to slow down a bit, hahaha. I love my series though. I just do. I just like writing.

Yes, I am a God when I write, but I believe I also allow autonomy and flexibility for my characters and world. I try not to control or dictate every single little thing. I let some things…come into existence and live as it “should” or “would”. Anyways. Enough of my rambling.

Don’t forget you can read Part 1 on Royal Road, Scribble Hub and Booksie for free! I will keep writing…to appease binge readers who want to read a year of writing in one week…LOL!

Take care.

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