WIP: Forest Fever

NSWF, 18+

Barry enters their bedroom, shirtless. “Oh no!” Eliza quips. I relax in her lap. “You cut yourself, darling?” pointing to the gash on his right forearm.

“Don’t worry.” He hugs her light caramel dress and gets his blood on it. “You’re on your period, right?” he says. 

“Yeah.” almost squeaking like a mouse, in his firm, resolute embrace. “I’m ready, for you.” leaving her hand on his bronze chest. “Be gentle with me. Let it come out, slowly.” as she looks down at his chest. 

He holds her chin with his thumb and his finger, sending her heart rate into a soar. She has never met a man who wanted to coat his blood on her skin before. It was nothing at all like the stories she had read, about how to make natural love. Blood is already all over her left arm and part of her chest. 

She removes her dress and sizes him up, with the sultriest eyes she can muster. His tight pants and leather, buckled belt make her heart swoon.

“My dear,” he serenades, as his zipper stretches on his pants. She slides a few of her fingers into her vagina, coming out with blood-stained fingers. She rubs them along the top of her boobs. Her hands stroke his right forearm, putting more blood on her chest and body as Barry rubs his arm onto his own chest.

Her body simmers with the heat of a fireplace. The thought of his bloody dick makes her eyes roll back.

They rub their chests together and find themselves on the floor, kissing, fondling, holding hands and sliding their crotches against each other’s. They both breathe on each other and make little grunts. Eliza fingers herself and rubs her blood-covered clit a few times, aching for his dick to take away the pain from her body, and replace it with naughty pleasure. Her blood on her legs has already transferred to his pants.

His defined dick emerges, as he aims it for her love hole.

Eliza moans from her soul as his dick slips amid her wet and red pussy, the tip, shaft and all. She holds onto his arms, as his dick becomes engrossed with her absolute sleekness. He pounds away at her. I want this shy fuck boy to come and finger my pussy.

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