Writing Update: Nearly done with Part 4

Hi all.

I anticipate being done with Part 4 for beta readers this weekend (Sunday). Here are a few updates from me:

  • I fully migrated to my new gaming laptop. EVERYTHING loads SO MUCH FASTER!!!
  • I am still sticking to my more regimented schedule of nightly writing and my word count goals. The great result of it is that Part 4 has grown to 80k words. I want to get it to the sweet spot of 85k words though before I finalize it for beta readers.
  • I still write starting 8pm or so each night. I honestly slack on Saturdays, but oh well.
  • I think I have found a fiction book I actually enjoy reading. “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I may even check out the TV series later on. The book is quite interesting, though I think the internal monologues are overdone personally.
  • Here and there, I am working on music. My firm or primary goal is to write 1,000 words daily after Part 4 is done though. 1k a day is a full novel in 3 months!
  • I need to work on improving or tweaking my environment descriptions and dialogue, lol.
  • I am excited to order the Part 5 cover next weekend. I already have the idea for what it will be.

Enough about me. Don’t want to disrupt your attention spans.


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