Writing Update: Branching Out

I hired too many beta readers this month, lol.

Anyways, I am still working on Part 4. My deadline keeps getting nudged back more and more. I expect to finish it for real by the end of the month—no later than March 6.

I have also discovered that Patreon, Royal Road and other fiction sites are popular with some writers. Some writers have even gained followings during the pandemic! I will try out posting Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1 on Royal Road and other sites to get it out there. It has been baking soooooo long with myself and specific beta readers. Might as well release it into the wild.

I am tinkering with the other Parts thanks to feedback from various beta readers.

I am also planning to post on YouTube once a week, because I just like YouTube, lol.

Work is busy. Life is busy. I need to avoid burnout, but also squeeze in finishing Part 4 as well-baked as the other Parts and implementing beta reader feedback blablablablablablablabla—


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