How to Set Realistic Daily Writing Goals

Well, now I know why famous authors, who write full time, only write 2000-3000 words a day.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been targeting 2000-3000 words a day while I work full time. I could do it, but it forced me to write 4 hours almost nonstop from 8pm to midnight each day. This has started to screw up my sleeping.

My novels are 90000 words, basically because my program starts to crash like crazy if I exceed that count. It happens to be a real good length anyways for a novel! Anyways, 1000 words every day of the week, means I can honestly pump out a novel every 3-4 months at a pace of 1000 words per day.

Granted, life happens, chores happen and there are edits and outlining involved too. But I realize now that for me, 1000 words a day is what my body can tolerate without messing with my sleep or my subconscious. And maybe Saturdays off but Sundays will be 2000 words per day, which is totally feasible.

If I can fully create a novel every 5 months, I will be happy, honestly.

I can do 2000/day, but it screws up my sleeping apparently, so that is just not tolerable long term.

So moving forward, to protect my health, I will shift from 8pm-midnight over to 8pm-11pm daily for writing. Plus, go from 2000 words per day to 1000 words per day. Why? I don’t want messed up sleep! I love writing, for sure, but I don’t want to wreck my body or life over it either. I still have that firm daily commitment, it is just a more toned-down, healthier and sustainable commitment.


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