WIP: Beauties Over The Phone

[NSFW, 18+]

ST STUUUUUUDDDDDD! Rebecca comin’ in my home and comin’ on the bed.

She didn’t cry, no tears, and gave me good head. I look down at my keyboard, with wet eyes.

Kissin’ dick kissing heads and lips I said.

Cheeks like Sammie’s, nice and red.

Date with Steph, don’t know what to eat.

Brit still givin’ me a lot of her heat.

I didn’t say, lie or cheat.

I march to my individual rhythm and beat.

May have to zap her if we ever meet.

Felicia got wasted and fucked me overnight.

Two days or one ago, think I’m right.

Pheobe’s jealous, with all these girls I’m tight.

Dana wanna tenderize with another blowjob invite.

Maybe Stephany and her’ll give me a threesome.

At that book club I’m the most handsome.

Milane got busted so on that, I’m on my lonesome.

Nadine on lock and maybe she’ll see my home soon.

Lest I forget Hannah, the brunette down the street.

She did agree to do a meet.

I dazzled her like an elite.

How long it take before she’s under my sheet?

I’m speechless.

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