Vacation Update

I’m on vacation this week, from my day job.

Man, it is such a change in lifestyle. I am way more relaxed and flexible with my schedule. Writing and chores still keep me busy, but y’know.

I decided to try to tackle writing the rest of Part 4 by end of day Friday, and then quality check it over the weekend. What a laughable goal. I more or less signed myself up to write 10k words each day from Tue thru Fri. But in practice, writing 10,000 words is A LOT. I only managed to write 3k words on Tuesday.

Granted, this goal to write 40k words in 4 days is more of a stretch goal or idealistic goal. As long as I finish Part 4 by Feb 9, I will be happy, I just figured I had all this free time on vacation, it was as good of a time as any to cram it in. Well, 10k a day is more or less unrealistic probably. It’s hard to keep up quality with that kind of volume, basically.

The goal does make me realize how much crap I do each day that wastes time though. I literally have each full day to sit and write, but my output doesn’t match my ideal goal. So, probably unrealistic. I’ll still try anyways. I know now to do high volume writing, really need to tackle it like a full time job. It’s just SO MANY words.

I do have an outline. I do plan to edit later (ever heard of Chris Fox?).

I guess if nothing, this is good to test my limits of my writing speed and my daily output, so I can estimate how long future Parts will take to create. It is still my dream to finish Part 4 by end of day Friday, but I won’t ruin my vacation just to get there either.


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