The Value of Deadlines

I have been struggling with writing the past 2 months. I find many reasons and excuses to put it off. Well, I think I finally found one way to finally push myself to write.


Boring. Archaic. Rigid. But they create definition and a sense of urgency. A sense of accomplishment or frustration. Things like that.

I think I read about this idea in a Writer’s Digest article. But it’s so true! That’s why schools, workplaces, movies, and video games use it. Release dates. Submission deadlines. Etc.

Establishing the goal, finishing Part 4 by Feb 9, forced me to then think backwards to discover how I could finish my work BY the deadline. There’s the magic, I think, in deadlines.

Try some deadlines. I hope to not have to push any of mine right now, but if I do, at least I will be aware I’m late.


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