A Short List of Some Advice From The Past Few Months

I could do better with that title.


This is what I have been thinking about in terms of writing in the past few months.

  • Writing style all comes down to choice. I choose brevity. Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Less words. Why? It saves more of the reader’s time and it takes skill to condense the same or a similar meaning into less and less words.
  • After a while, I think the reader will get used to the recurring habits or environments in the story, and won’t need refreshers on everything, each time they occur.
  • Writing a story in real time is hard. Now I know why most stories skip around. Writing 3 hours of time in fiction can take…3 or 5 hours if you DON’T skip around a bit or hasten the actions during that time. If you stop to explain everything, it causes your actual writing speed to slow down quite a bit.
  • Even with my outline, surprises have popped up throughout my writing experience. I have totally reworked my Part 1 opening 2 or 3 times. The current mood in Part 4 is way different compared to the original outline idea. Some ideas are just…random or serendipity.
  • No matter how you feel about yourself or the story, it is best to constantly soldier on and continue writing the story into the great unknown anyways.
  • There are many, many, many ways to distract oneself from writing. Research is great fun, but can become a time sink too.
  • Unless I MAKE TIME for writing, it doesn’t happen.
  • Having help from freelancers is cool, but it is also a time sink technically. I end up quasi managing a team and having to write up projects for them. Hahaha.
  • Writing is part work and part fun. It should be enjoyable, but also be taken seriously enough to put the time and energy into getting it done.
  • Writing something is better than writing nothing.
  • Writing becomes a part of you and you become a part of your writing. What I mean is it’s impossible to objectively distance yourself from your writing. You will influence it and it will influence you. Objective writing is a farce, I think.
  • I think more about my characters than I write about them.
  • Dutiful and meticulous note taking is so useful, but also slows me down when writing. BUT, I save time down the road when I need to look up something in the past.
  • If you can make a full time living off your writing, you are absurdly lucky.
  • I daydream often of future books I will write in the Splattering Yet Endearing series.

And yeah.


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