WIP: A Store’s Storage

Her teeth are biting down, Iteni: I need to eat.

We can buy food, or something, I extend my hands. Give me that box.

She doesn’t face me—You. she looks up at me, angrily and sternly.

What? still hoping she’ll give me the damn ketchup. I’m not gonna take it!

Her entire body is shrinking, receding, trying to pull away from me.


She doesn’t look at me, or face me at all. I kneel down on one leg—right next to her. Is she sad? Is she angry?

Iteni, why do you want the ketchup so much? The top of the box is torn open and the entire top of a bottle has been severed off inside her box.

Grunt, femininely—her left hand pushes me. I fall onto my butt as her dark eyes ponder me. Her right arm continues to hug her box.

Sigh, I look down. I look up. Her eyes are focusing on me.

Sniff. I stare back at her. Looking around at the racks of food on the left and right sides of the room—I can’t let Iteni eat a lot of this food.

I slide closer to her, reaching slowly, Give me the f—

No! She hugs the ketchup tighter to her chest, looking down at my hands, scooching up against the food rack.

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