Reflecting on Death Stranding as a Writer

I am a Kojima and Metal Gear Solid fanboy, so this post will be biased.,h_1610,c_limit/02-death-stranding-video-game.jpg

Over the course of 1.5 months, I sprinted through Death Stranding. This post will be part video game review and part reflecting on the game as a creative work of fiction. Spoilers follow.

  • I dashed through the game as fast as I could and rarely died. The game still took me 37 hours to beat!!! What a long game! In a good way.
  • This game really isn’t that hard. Just use the vehicles as much as possible, and rest up if Sam has low stats.
  • I’m not totally sure why they had the characters Mama and Heartman in the game who seem cool, but don’t have a ton of on screen time. I wish I could have spent more time with each BRIDGES character.
  • Higgs seemed fine to me, though perhaps a bit shallow in terms of why he is a villain.
  • I had the hardest damn time with the final bosses. Freaking game didn’t want to give hints. Anyways, lol.
  • Sam is unusually quiet throughout the game, though I guess that is intentional so the player can interface in the game as Sam more smoothly.
  • I think all the flashbacks were really cool and I’m sure they were difficult and complex to weave into the game.
  • I generally enjoyed the characters and the story, though I didn’t get too invested with many of the preppers after seeing like the 10th one.
  • I was scared by the BTs, which means they are effective enemies. There were several times I noped out of a BT fight because I just wanted to deliver the order order order order.
  • The MULES are quite annoying and I tried to avoid them when possible.
  • I ended up not using a lot of the tools because I didn’t really have to. Such as not using EX grenades, smoke packages etc. Seems like a design flaw almost.
  • The fighting with the MULES, esp with the Boba Gun, was cool and infuriating. They don’t stop spawning…like 30 of them in each campbase…

Anyways, good game. I will play the sequel if there is one. The last quarter of the game is super thrilling and investing. The antimatter bombs really tested my patience…dealing with BTs too. Much easier to avoid them when possible. When possible.

Fun game! I treated it like a job and got through it. I looked forward to the cutscenes and overall thought it was a good game.

As a writer, it was interesting to note on how developed each character got during the game. The story was good, though I wish it had a little more scale in some aspects. I did get decently attached to BB. I thought the story was good though unorthodox. Good overall for sure.

I am not exactly sure why they built up Mama only to transition her to Lockne. Well…maybe that statement’s inaccurate. Hah.

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