Understanding Your Audience and Finding Beta Readers

This month I have been more actively seeking freelancers, mostly for beta reading and music production.

Do you know how hard it can be to find female DJs, female rappers and male beta readers who want to read romance sci fi? It can be hard.

Well, I kind of did this to myself. Although romance is one of the highest grossing book genres out there, it is heavily skewed to a female audience. DUH!

Also I guess more men are into DJing and rapping and such, perhaps. It has been super easy finding female beta readers for Splattering Yet Endearing, but I had such a hard time finding male readers lately that I had to reach OUT to about 10 or 20 listings instead. If I had recalled my understanding of the romance genre, this wouldn’t have been so surprising, hah.

Granted, almost everyone wants to read an entertaining book. But I guess I forgot that hobbies are usually not perfectly even among or between the sexes. Video games, romance books, singing, rapping, editing etc…there are preexisting gender imbalances in numerous professions that can make sourcing an issue.

I have zero problem locating female beta readers right now. I am more active and conscious with finding male beta readers. On the flip side, I have to be more active to find female music composers or producers, whereas finding a male music producer is pretty dang easy for some reason.

It seems to all come down to the genre, the hobby or profession and the gender I guess.

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