Life Gets In The Way

All right.

So I’ve been super slacking on writing for the past…month?

I have been focusing slowly more on doing things outdoors and my job. I do some overtime here and there, every week or two. But ultimately there are no excuses for not putting in the time writing. I just don’t want to write badly enough.

To be fair, I am working on the side on an original song right now for my fiction series. But I just haven’t been outputting or producing like I normally do.

I have also been playing Death Stranding every weekend. Takes about oh, 3 to 5 hours each weekend, on top of chores etc. Anyways, everyone has minutia and tasks to do apart from their writing or hobby.

Editing Part 3 based on beta reader feedback has been my core concern for the past…2 weeks. Normally I can process feedback in a few days. But this feedback required actual rewriting.

I have also been indulging in delivered food lately too.

I dunno. I am doing extra things now, but I ultimately leave writing to the side. Is it right? Is it wrong? Who the heck knows…

I have to control my schedule better, and control my time better. Time away from home, time on my phone, all that takes me away from…writing. And even though I am trying to speed through Death Stranding, I have played about 22 hours and am half done according to the game.

I need to get back to producing new fiction writing, hopefully soon.

Why does any of this matter to you, the reader? Well…how do you manage your schedule? How much time do you actually devote to your hobby? How do you make your hobby more of a priority than I make mine?

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