Why Should I Hire A Beta Reader?

For many years, I actually resisted the idea of hiring beta readers. I could fully self-edit and reread my own writing, so I thought that was sufficient alone.

Well, the blunt answer is having someone else read your work removes the danger of “having your head up your butt”.

Even if on a technical or grammatical level the story works, the general ultimate goal of any writing is to ENTERTAIN and/or DELIVER INFORMATION EFFECTIVELY AND EFFORTLESSLY. Any writer will think their own work is entertaining and gets everything across…but how will you know unless you get some outside feedback?

Also, when writing, it is usually done in stages. A beta reader can sift through the final product and develop a more general and sweeping opinion of the writing. This matters because having good quality individual pieces does not always mean that the product as a whole works.

Beta readers can deliver their own opinions and point out things writers missed as well. No one person is perfect anyways. Any attempt at perfection requires input from some other people, I think. Heck, I have had to overhaul parts of my fiction series 5 times to boost the quality. If I had never solicited beta reader feedback, I would have delivered crap to real readers.

Also, beta reading provides the most actionable feedback for any writer. It literally is about your writing and your quality.

I may have posted about beta readers earlier this year, but what the hay.

Hope this helps. Best.

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