Female Characters: Saber from Fate Stay Night

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One of the most popular blonde anime characters of all time, this action-oriented character is well known as a primary character in the Fate Stay Night anime series.

What makes her special? She is particularly tough and formal, being a top ranked fighter in the story. Her background is that she was King Arthur, only gender swapped in Fate for the purposes of the series.

Her character is quite adept and loyal in the Fate series. She is among the top 3 most favorite characters in all of the series. Her skill and sense of duty are admirable traits as well.

Why is she one of my favorite female characters? She’s a fighter. She’s pretty. She’s skilled. Her regal personality is distinctive and refined. Her character is also generally a good-natured one too, which helps with her likability.

A pretty girl who can fight, so visually appealing action

She doesn’t behave in an overly immature manner. In fact, she is often quite wise. You just remember her character. How many blonde women have you seen in fiction that fight with swords? Not many I bet.

As a viewer, you want to see if she will win. You want to see what she can do, in battle. You want to see how she will behave, especially in more mundane, ordinary settings. Her character is just such a departure from the high-school schoolgirl archetype found so so often in other anime series and other mediums. She isn’t exceptionally unique, but the blend of her traits is compelling nonetheless.

In the story, she is generally a protector and a fighter, for generally moral settings. How isn’t that endearing?

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