Favorite Female Characters: Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)

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One of my most favorite anime of all time is a guilty pleasure choice, Rosario Vampire. It is a pretty typical high school anime with a focus on action, romance and a harem. Naturally, featuring the harem of girls and the romance and fighting in the story all drew me to the story as a high school student.

Moya is the main female character in the anime. You could say her character is a bit interesting since she has two distinct personalities, the Inner Moka and the Outer Moka. Outer Moka has pink hair and is super nice and lovable in the story. Her character is pretty, appealing, friendly and well-meaning, in my subjective POV. Inner Moka has silver hair and is quite masculine, tsundere and combat-focused. I wouldn’t call her character terribly original, but it is well rounded by demonstrating soft and badass character traits. I also just found her character to be incredibly good looking, no doubt a design decision by the author or creator.

Her voice was soooooooooo appealing too.

Probably the action elements and the male POV of the story (the main character is Tsukune, a guy) helped draw me into this anime’s story. It was also rare at the time for me to see badass women in a story. Plus when you add the supernatural elements and the hijinks of all the various characters and their monster abilities, the story got pretty interesting and had a lot of variety thanks to those supernatural elements among many of the characters. The focus on the romance and the “will they won’t they” was fun too.

Moka is one of my favorite characters because she was lovable, easy on the eyes, could kick ass and was just a really appealing female character. She wasn’t all sweet. She wasn’t all cold. She was capable and accomplished within the story, and had good motivations. Her visual design was excellent in my opinion. Speaking of excellent design and characters…I think I have an idea for next week’s post.


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