Happy Thanksgiving

To any non-US browsers, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. If nothing, it is a reason to have a day off from work, to eat a big meal and to socialize with friends and family.

It was something I looked forward to all week, as a chance to celebrate for one day. Also, as a chance to relax from work and ease my body and mind for one full day.

I’m not really sure whether I’ll get a lot of writing done tomorrow or play a lot of Death Stranding (just bought it today), but one way or the other, I’ll enjoy my day.

I am in the middle of getting another vocal song done for Splattering Yet Endearing, even though I get more enjoyment out of the songs than anyone else, what the hay.

I’m just happy to relax. To give myself a reason to buy something nice for myself, to kick back, to enjoy and to release any and all tension from my normal life.

Oh I may also read “The World Without Us” tomorrow too. Eh. “The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.” is a very interesting anime series too. Not your average high school anime.

I’ll still be enjoying my characters, and enjoying my evolving story.

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