WIP: To The Park

I woke up with the enemy.

I woke up with that sunny, quiet feeling that showed you were up before anyone else. I bounded out of bed, and cruised to the kitchen. 

I stuck my hand into a cereal box, ate a few large handfuls, and walked to the door. 

I don’t even want to wait for Iteni or the reaction. 

I walked out, and walked right. Of course, I had pieced together enough clothes on my body. 

As I walked down, cold air chilled through me. I rubbed the bite through my shirt, and only felt the two healing circles—where she had cut in me. 

I had to get away. 

Running steps tapped rhythmically near me. 

Iteni: Where are you going, she cruised beside me, wistfully and gently.

Porma: I’m going to the park.


She eventually slowed down and we walked together to the park.

When we got to the park, I wanted to find something or some way to tail her off. I looked around for dogs, and found none. Being that early, on a cold fall day, guess I should have expected that. 

Iteni: Porma?

I looked to her. She did that unusual hand movement of pinching hair above her forehead and combing through her hair like a credit card swipe, Yes?

Was there something you wanted to say last night?


Six inches away,

Well, uh choo—she took a controlled breath—ooo.

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