Measure Numbers: Track Yourself

I have written about half of Part 4 in 2 months! Now, I still have to edit and quality check most of it but…I am impressed with myself! I thought I would need 6 months minimum to get thru Part 4, but I guess my new habit of daily tracking of my writing time is helping.

It’s nothing fancy really. I hold myself to 3 hours a day on weekdays and 6 hours a day on weekends. I report to myself in a bullet point list my hours each day, whether I make it or I fall flat or in between.

It is tedious to keep track of, but it certainly makes me more aware of my productivity and the time I am putting in. I can see day to day, week to week how I am doing with my overall productivity. I will of course not force myself to finish Part 4 in a set time frame…but I would much rather finish in 4 months than 8 or 12, you know? Life moves on…time is short. Keep track of the things that are important to you. Why? It helps you stay more accountable and more aware, period.

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