My Beta Reading Process

Ever wanted to hire a beta reader, someone who can give you a fresh, clean perspective on your book? Let me quickly run down my process for finding a beta reader.

  1. Locate the beta reader: You can easily find beta readers on Facebook, Goodreads, Fiverr and on other websites. Pro Tip: Offer up some money to speed up this process and increase reliability or the read-through rate of your book.
  2. Select the beta reader: You may prefer a certain gender or background for your reader. You may prefer a reader who is also a writer, or not.
  3. Share the manuscript or a portion of it: I do this just to make it clear if the reader is genuinely interested in reading my story or not. If they pass, I just find someone else. You could try asking a reader who dislikes your opening to read your book but…dunno how good that would go.
  4. Create your list of beta reading criteria: This is optional. You can go with whatever feedback they choose to provide to you. I like to provide a bullet point list of 4 or 7 items I want them to check as they read the story.
  5. Start the beta reading.

Almost all readers will provide a Reader Report at the end of the process. You can then ask for a bit of clarity afterwards.

Beta readers are useful because, in short, they highlight to you what is clear to them from your story and what is unclear or missed or misunderstood. Self editing and reading to yourself is nice for basic editing, but beta readers help you understand how the worldbuilding, ease of reading and entertainment are going. Accordingly, most beta readers will not check grammar, since this is something you can do during self editing anyways.

I personally stay super quiet while they read, because I want to know what they get out of the book without me gushing about it to them or answering questions. The book should do that! To me.

And yeah.

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