The Importance of Tracking Story Details

Back when I started writing, I could remember the first 100 or 200 pages of my story effortlessly. I remembered every scene and almost every detail.

After like 400 or 500 pages though, my retention of the detail from the beginning the story started to wane though. Fortunately, I already began tracking and monitoring several story elements. By track I mean note every change of an element in the story, such as new locations, character developments, quotes lists, new clothes etc. Why? Again, easy to remember this all in your head the first 100 pages. But after page 300, you will likely forget whatever someone was wearing on page 20.

So what I have now is 3-6 reference notes that are literally just tracking changes and developments in the story. Why? Simply, continuity. It is far easier to refer back to a list than pull up the story and comb through the scenes to find a significant story change.

Yes, it is a bit tedious and like work. But it saves time and ensures integrity in the long run. It becomes an asset in the long run, and a memory assistant, especially if you are writing a long story or series like me!

Trust me, combing through the story to find one change is a paaaaaain. Do the work upfront, track changes as you write.

Apologies for the short post. If you have any topic requests, let me know in a comment below or on the Contact Me page.

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