Story Pacing

There are different ways to pace a story. Basically, quickly, moderately or slowly.

Personally, I like to go slowly or at my own pace.

I had to buck this trend once though because I was writing quickly to get to a book cover scene for my series. So I jam packed the story with key scene after key scene. I was really worried I was going too fast! But when I read it all back to myself at the end, it was still good! There were NUMEROUS details missing, that I had to input slowly during editing, but the pacing still worked!

I have observed now that if you are a good writer, focus on quality and have a good handle on flow NO MATTER the pacing of any part of your story, it still works. How can I tell? I can’t even notice a quality drop in the back-to-back scenes and neither did one of my beta readers. I don’t really prefer to jump from scene to scene, but now I know I can do it if I need to. Why? Because I still paid attention to the FLOW from sentence to sentence and action to action. So I have a hunch that keeping a good flow in the details kept the scenes smooth despite me feeling like I was rolling on from scene to scene in a faster manner. Who woulda’ thunk it?

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