How To Relax

The irony of this post is not lost on me. How can relaxing be important when one wants to be efficient and make the most out of time?

Well…I am starting to believe that bodies have limits.

The general way to gauge a body’s limit is through pain and stress. My particular incident seems to be more mental or thought-based than a physical issue.

The past few days I have gotten 6 or 7 hours of sleep a day. My headaches are also becoming less painful and less frequent, slowly.

So what did I do to relax? And yes, you may snicker at some of these…but 5 hour sleeps and messed up days were enough of a wake up call for me to reassess everything.

  • Life is about PERSPECTIVE. PERCEPTION is reality, in a way. I perceived my life as in danger and with many obstructions and problems. In reality……when I really wrote down all my problems and worries on bullet point lists…not much was wrong at all. I blended my perception of my life with the facts of my daily life, and did not match them up. In other words, I went on High Alert when there was no or little to no signals for such alertness, which was my flaw.
  • Slowing my breathing when I can’t sleep or get stressed. Sounds funny, but it works.
  • Writing down all my worries every 3 days. Plus, writing in a journal every 3 days. It feels like venting to a therapist, or a friend. Even though it’s the same crap I ponder about in my head, writing it all down on a computer or piece of paper brought so much clarity and helped me to dismiss worries and resolve problems and work though my mind’s concerns and feelings to get closer to my objective daily life.
  • 30 minutes a day to do nothing, mentally cleanse. Sounds funny, but it helped get rid of my headaches without any pills needed.
  • Listening to my body. This goes with breathing but also means to pay attention to when I want to sleep and when I have energy and pausing if headaches appear.

In short, relax…

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