WIP: Work With Boxes

Iteni: Wait, here, sit on this box. I sit on her random box while she unloads her cart onto my unpacking table. Her eyes look like looming, brown lava. Like an afternoon sky—but dark brown. 300 percent of me disagrees about her. All of my three personas are thriving on her goodness though. I wish I could ask Gotey for some help. Maybe I’ll text him.

Is she wrong? She continues to unpack her items. Porma: Thanks. looking down at the floor.

Of course. Her body is so close to me. Her collared shirt, her work vest, black leggings… Wow, you keep looking at me even when we’re at work?

Wh—th—dra—I you know—

Hahahahahaaaaa! 😀 putting her hand on her chest. Did you send me a check for 3k?

Yeah. All of her items are unloaded. No one else is working in the pharmacy.

I—why? No.

No? You weren’t working and—I knew you had a mortgage.

Porma, no.


No. You can kiss me, but don’t pay for me.

What? But she—Just take the money.

No. I think she already deposited it.


Why are you sighing? 

Sigh, I roll my eyes, what else am I supposed to do? briefly outstretching my arms.

Well, looking aside then back at m—you could kiss—me. I look at her. Her lips. They look plump, firm and ready.

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