How to Work at a Sustainable Pace

All right, I had a bit of overkill the past week.

I got super into time management and time efficiency, trying to make every hour of my week speedy and efficient and effective. Great right?

Well…now I can’t sleep right. I am not totally sure why, but my body decides to be quite alert and energetic and wake me up at 4am and 5am for no apparent reason. This cuts my sleep down from 7 or 8 hours to 4 or 5 hours a night.

This simply cannot stand.

This issue has been going on since…. Friday? So I know now I need a change. I gotta relax a bit. Slow down. I literally put in my agenda to spend 30 minutes everyday and do NOTHING. Why? To give myself a mental cleanse and take my mind off the Alert state it is in when I keep telling it to go faster and be more time efficient.

I wish I could say what the solution is to be at peace or content while working fast and hard. I do not know what that is yet. I suspect I have some source of stress or worry I am not addressing sufficiently. I just don’t know yet how to resolve the core issue causing my sleep disruptions.

What’s the point of this post?

Well…don’t work TOO hard and TOO fast. Now my brain is like, alert 24/7 which is wrong too. I miss sleep right now. Sure I wake up early, but then my body is super sleepy by afternoon or early evening. I would rather have the solid 7 hours of boring sleep back. I have no desire to wake up at 4 or 5 am each morning.

So don’t try to be too efficient or work too fast. Or else you may forget how to even relax, or sleep right!

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