Tips For Writing More

The working world has taught me a few things about…working…which relates to writing. Even though I like writing fiction, the writing itself is still work. It’s like a part time job.

Let’s go through some insight on how to write more each day or each week.

Be Strict

You know how your workplace has deadlines, start times, stop times and the like? Set schedules? Treat writing like a job. Give it deadlines or serious goals. Three deadlines a week is better than one every 2 weeks. Why? It keeps you on track. Treat writing like work. Keep chasing deadlines. If it works for your job, why not for writing?

Measure Time or Something Else

How long did you write today? How many pages did you write last week? What did you accomplish the past week? Measuring your time, your minutes helps to keep you aware of your “real” writing time.

So, yeah. Don’t forget. Measure your time. Keep an eye on the clock. Set various deadlines so you are always moving from one goal to the next, things like that.

Side note, I am starting to have a small handful of beta readers read my fiction! I hesitated to do this for some time, but I have found it too valuable to give up now. The insight is very helpful! The perspective, critiques, opinions etc.

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