WIP: TV Time

Chocolate-less Iteni turns on the TV using the remote. A super late night music video is playing, about the country life and springtime. 

Iteni: I wish I could play the guitar. 

Yeah, that would be cute, strong and fitting.

I bet Iteni could be a country girl.

Short jean shorts. Getting to know the brown, dusty dirt.

That blonde hair would look nice against a country setting.

Maybe we can go on a country fair date or something.

Thinking about her, thinking about high school…

That magical time, when life was so simple.

The spring of my senior year.

I thought she didn’t remember me.

Being here with her in the fall, it’s like another school year.

After many days and nights and years, here we are.

Does she ever think about high school?

I bet she’s a country girl.

Being with her in this home feels so nice.

Hoodies. Fires. Winter snow. That cold, crisp feeling.

Love the winter, can’t wait for the summer.

Another day with Iteni.

The music video ends and the show resumes playing the Top 20 Music Videos of Today. Iteni leaves for the kitchen.

I watch the TV for a bit, then I get my laptop.

Oh crap, I had better not type this Iteni document with her nearby.

I need to pee. I get up and walk through the kit—Iteni’s on the floor. I dunno…washing the floor with a sponge. Goddamnit. I bend down to help her up. She looks up at me with glee and happiness, like she’s proposing to me with childlike eyes or something. Strange.

Iteni: I’m gonna have some wine. slowly getting up. You can have your Sparkle Whatever, since I have to do EVERYTHING for you. She turns around, still looking at me, as she removes a wine bottle from the fridge. I turn around and walk to the bathroom, while glasses clank behind me.

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