Write Like Holy Hell: Don’t Worry About Quality

I finally managed to get a lot of writing done this weekend. I had a goal to get to a certain scene in my story, so that I could order a book cover of that scene. I basically wrote fast, and didn’t concern myself with quality.

Now did I ignore quality? No. I:

-Went with my gut and trusted myself as I wrote.

-Clumped together scene ideas to make big scenes composed of numerous small ideas.

-Fully intend to do a complete edit and quality check of what I wrote.

I did more or less charge forward and spend 4 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday writing, going as fast as possible to complete all the scenes I needed to do. This strategy again hinges on me going back to review what I wrote, to fix things like flow and pacing.

Just gotta crunch, crunch crunch. Work, work, work. Put in the time. Keep going, scene to scene. Why? Well, I will worry about quality during editing, AFTER writing the first draft. So quality is still important to me, but efficiency or speed has a chance to work too, at least during the first draft phase. In editing, I let myself slow down of course.

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