Work In Progress: Movie For Two and Popcorn

The below scene is for readers 18+.

Entering the building, Iteni is already at the c—Iteni: Two for Babe Detective, 11:30! Smells like popcorn.

Iteni shoves her pink card through the slot to the ticket person. I stand next to Iteni while a machine ejects two tickets for us. Is this movie PG-13 or something? Ooooh, The Dresser Movie? Thanks. Iteni pulls my hand to the double doors past the counter. 

Here, she thrusts the tickets to the worker at a tiny podium,

Worker: Thank you.

Iteni heads off to the concession stand, while the worker hands me the stubs.

To the right of the stand, (Get a FREE BloodCold Freeze when you sign up for a FlixPoints Card! Unlimited popcorn refills await!) Inviting sign.

I read the stub, (FlixPlex Cinemas

Babe Detective: Drake’s Revenge


Screen 6).

I think it’s starting soon. Where’s the clock?

Iteni is buying something from the stand. She’s holding onto a black card and smiling at me. Iteni: Hey Porma! Bet you want a drink. I walk up to her face, as she looks at me instead of the movie theater food. 

A short, black man puts a bright, kinda light red freeze drink on the counter. 

Concession Worker: $11.87 is your total.

Iteni hands him her pink credit card. Another worker is digging for popcorn inside the large, see through machine next to me. Whirr whirrr! Rrrip. Here you go, he puts an empty cup on the counter. The air smells like popcorn, butter and cheese.

Iteni: Thanks. She looks at me as she holds onto her medium sized drink, taking a small—sluuurrrrp. I guess that cup’s for me. I take it, and walk to the small table between the arcade and the entrance doors, far from Iteni and the sign.

Ooooh, their fountain machine has BloodCold, BloodCold Sparkle, the other Sparkle drinks, BloodCherry…no green tea. Iced tea will do. Snap crunch snap snap crunch crunch crunch. Hey. Movie’s starting soon.

Porma: Really? Shit. I hope this ice and tea will be enough. I take a lid and seal my cup. I get a straw and quickly tear it open and stick it in my cup. Iteni squirts 6 pumps of butter into her huge bucket of popcorn; I can see the popcorn getting yellow and soggy in the middle. I twirl around and walk to the left hallway, past the concession stand. Above me, (Screens 1-6). Just to the right of the sign—a restroom. I walk inside and put my cup on the long sink counter, and peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The urinal automatically flushes as I get my drink and head out of restroom. Taking a right, I walk down…Iteni is standing at the Screen 6 area. Behind her, is the Babe Detective movie poster, with doors on both sides of her. She’s holding onto her BloodCold Freeze drink in her right hand and hugging her large popcorn with her left hand and left arm. The drink hasn’t melted at all.

Iteni: We gotta go sweetie! Movie time— she dashes inside the left door. I enter the right door—too.

How does she see in this dark hallway—Speaker: Thank you for silencing your cell phones! FlixPlex is proud to partner with Nile and Ratman. And now, enjoy the show! Iteni is all the way down the hall. The carpet is at least soft and the light is barely dim enough to see h—Woman: Welcome to your hospital.

Asian Man: Oh dearI remember taking the train through Tokyo.

Other Woman: My name’s Maya, it’s nice to meet you. Did we go to the wrong movie?

I feel sudden warmth. Iteni’s long, blonde hair and her dark blue hoodie are peeking at me from the corner of the hallway. Iteni: Just waiting for someone. she says to someone else.The giant screen shines faint colors all around the area.

80% of the seats are above where I’m at. There’s 6 or so people scattered around the theater.

Older Woman: His medical documents are sealed. You are to never open them without the doctor’s authorization. Iteni’s big, yellow and greasy popcorn bucket and her red drink are at two seats slightly above the middle. Iteni lunges up the steps while I take a big gulp of my iced tea. Very cold and sugary.

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