Writing Faster, Writing More?

I really don’t think there any hacks when it comes to writing. You need some expertise. You need to set time aside. You need to be dedicated. These are things you can’t shortcut. OK, maybe if you hire a pricey editor they can clean up anything you quickly churn out.

But if you are an indie author, like me, and are writing on a frugal budget, working with an editor frequently is out of the question. Just making the content, hiring freelancer help and considering marketing are all enough to keep one busy.

I can’t really think of a way to write faster. My current strategy is to dedicate blocks of time, usually nights, to writing. I go until I get too tired, basically. I pay attention to quality but more or less follow my gut as I write. This strategy relies HEAVILY on editing and doing a reread AFTER your “fast writing”.

Writing more? Well, you have to take time away from other things. This may require hard sacrifices, like less socializing, less Netflix binging, working faster, skipping a shopping trip, cutting a movie short to write and watch the movie later…things like that. Quantity to me seems easier to achieve than speed. Just spend more time. Not just spend more time. SPEND. MORE. TIME. ACTUALLY. WRITING.

There are numerous and frequent occasions when I am “writing” but I am really surfing movie trivia on the internet, or watching a YouTube clip. Researching is a relaxing break, but it is NOT writing. Writing is WRITING more story content. This is more a lesson for myself than anyone else…but writing is writing. Anything else has a secondary relationship, but can’t really be called writing. And sure, research is great, but if the story isn’t moving forward, the writing is really stopped on the train tracks.

We all have limits though. Somehow I used to believe I could write 6 hours a day each weekend day. Yeah, right. On top of other duties, entertainment, chores and socializing…no not really. I just do what I can these days, in terms of blocking off writing time. It requires a lot of scheduling intention! And saying no sometimes. Or just reducing some activities in duration or frequency.

Maybe the real point of this post is, you want to write more? You want to write faster? Switch from this internet browser to your writing app or program and live in it. Make more content. Write the next scene. Something is better than nothing. You can always refine it later. (And you should.)

So long.

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